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No need of Prescription

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I consume alcohol while taking alprazolam?

You are not supposed to consume alcohol while on the course of treatment. The chemical component in the medication would make a way to create the adverse reaction to the body. Also, the effect of the Xanax medication couldn’t reach you completely and you may experience the alcohol poisoning. The combination of the drug interaction would lead to the overdose.

2. How long does it take for alprazolam to start kick in?
The onset action of alprazolam has both the formations (immediate release and extended release) to kick in. Immediate release tablets will work for 5 hours whereas the extended release will work for 11 hours.

3. Is alprazolam is good for panic attacks?

Yes, of course, alprazolam the generic form of Xanax has developed for the ailments anxiety and panic disorders. This medication will help to reduce the severity of panic attacks and anxiety.

4. Is Xanax can be good sleep aid?

Alprazolam (Xanax) is been used to promote the calming effect in the body. However, it tends to alter the unbalanced chemicals to the balanced state and thus it induces the sleep which is normal. It can be activated as the good sleeping medication for the person having the anxiety problem but it is certainly not good for the people who haven’t prescribe for it.

5. Can I take Alprazolam if I don’t have anxiety?

No, you are not supposed to take Xanax for any other purpose since it is been prescribed only for the people who are having the anxiety issues. In case if you are consuming then you could pave a way for the various severe health issues to reach you.