Comparing Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depressionA lot of people confuse anxiety with depression. Anxiety disorder is a mixture of a sense of doubt and a high level of vulnerability regarding the future. People suffering from anxiety are focused on the occurrence of future events. They fear that everything would fall apart. Anxiety disorder has symptoms like unexplained physical changes, anxious thoughts, protective behavior, among others. When you start feeling anxious, do not assume that you have anxiety disorder. Feeling anxious is normal and anxiety disorder can be treated.

If you are suffering from depression, it doesn’t mean that you have a fear of the future. It is being preoccupied or worried due to past events. Common symptoms are feeling hopeless, lack of interest, difficulty in focusing, changes in sleep patterns, thoughts of death, change in appetite with or without considerable change in weight and physical pain.

Why is there confusion between the two words?

Most of the anxiety medicines available in the market are anti-depressants. Just because you are ordering an anti-depressant, it does not mean that you are depressed. There are various classes of anti-depressants in the market that serve as medicines for anxiety disorder too. Thus, just because your doctor advised you to buy Xanax online, it does not mean you are depressed. There are a lot of medical conditions for which anxiety medicines available in the market are used for. The same goes with anti-depression medicines too.

Can a doctor prescribe the same medicine for anxiety and depression?

A person can be both anxious and depressed. Some people develop symptoms of depression because of anxiety disorder. Both disorders are caused by changes in the neurotransmitter of the brain. Low serotonin level is an important cause of both disorders. Epinephrine and Dopamine have same effect in both problems.

These two disorders share a lot of symptoms and can induce occurrence of each other too. There are a lot of medicines which are exclusively used for treating depression or anxiety. There are a lot of medicines in the market, which are used for both disorders. This does not mean that the moment you start to feel anxious, you can pick some anxiety pills or order alprazolam online. You need to determine whether you are depressed or anxious.

There are medicines which are used for treating anxiety caused by depression and depression caused by anxiety too. Your doctor would analyze your medical condition, determine cause of that condition, learn about your medical history and then choose the right anxiety medicines available for you.

The most important point to remember is that no matter whether you are anxious, depressed, depressed due to anxiety or anxious due to depression, it can all be cured. You need to stick to the dose, instructions and other advices provided by your doctor. Any side effects or unwanted symptoms should be brought to the notice of your doctor. Do not start the medicine again just because you start to feel anxious again.

There are a lot of sites where you can buy Xanax through online shopping. Make sure to use the best site and also a licensed manufacturer’s product. You cannot just choose an anti-depressant or anxiety medicine blindfolded. Ask your doctor for a brand or research which brand would suit you, before you buy. You can purchase Xanax online without any prescription but, it is not safe to do so.

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