How to get relief from Premenstrual Syndrome by taking alprazolam?

xanax for Premenstrual SymptomsA majority of women experience premenstrual symptoms encompassing both physical and emotional changes. Around 75% of women having regular menstrual cycles reportedly are known to encounter unpleasant psychological and physical premenstrual symptoms. For most, these symptoms are mild and easily tolerable.

For the other group of women, the symptoms might turn to be very painful and highly unbearable which could also cause significant disruption in their lives. But there’s a way to get relief from such excruciating premenstrual symptoms and that is by taking Alprazolam, a benzodiazepine drug effective for a number of medical purposes. If you’re a woman and you too are encountering similar experiences, then reading this article might be of great help to you in efficiently dealing with premenstrual syndrome.

How does Alprazolam help to avert PMS?

There are a large group of women who take Alprazolam as the final resort to severe symptoms before menstruation. This medicine is thought to ease out the irritability experienced before the onset of periods as it acts in the body by affecting the chemicals in the brain that might be unbalanced in certain people.

A few people undergo intolerable PMS. Such people are believed to have or suffer from anxiety and alprazolam is known to treat anxiety thus parallelly treating premenstrual syndrome also. The drug also treats panic disorders, anxiety disorders and also anxiety caused by depression. Xanax, the brand name of Alprazolam which is a tranquilizer that can act in the body to relieve tension and aches that occur during severe premenstrual syndrome.

This medicine is known to yield optimistic results in at least 37% of women in overall premenstrual symptoms. The drug also was extremely appealing when it was found that it can efficiently deal with mental, emotional as well as physical trauma the body underwent. The various PMS symptoms that are efficiently tackled by alprazolam included changes in mood, irritation, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, stomach cramps and most important of all anxiety.

Advantages of taking alprazolam for premenstrual syndrome relief

Alprazolam brings to a vast majority of women an advantage to dealing with physical and psychological troubles before the monthly menstruation time. Xanax displayed wonderful results when it was taken for a week or so before menstruation. Also, the drug had relatively fewer side effects when compared to various other medications.

Fatigue symptom 

One of the primary menstrual symptoms is fatigue which was known to subside in women as soon as they consumed the drug. But few women experienced higher dependency over-taking Xanax as they became used to taking the drug for a prolonged period of time. However as this medicine i.e. Alprazolam is restricted to be given only for two weeks for premenstrual syndromes, women suffered less or with no withdrawal symptoms.

It is extremely important for women having PMS to take the assistance of a certified physician while taking medications for PMS. This includes Alprazolam. The drug should be taken as advised by the doctor as increase, decrease or overuse of the drug can result in various unfavorable conditions.