Privacy Policy

  • Privacy of our customers is valued to the core. So any person who has registered in can ensure that their information is well protected here.
  • The details that you provide here like phone number, mail address, name, medical reports, credit card number, and CVV number are kept safe and secure here.
  • We have a very secure network for saving all these information and it is difficult for any third party to misuse to enter and misuse it.
  • You are allowed to comment, and review in our mail order pharmacy. The mail order pharmacy would not be completely visible to others. Even here the privacy of a person is respected.
  • During your visit to our online pharmacy, we would be collecting certain non-personal details in the form of cookies. When this is done, your search would be improved.
  • If you are an individual who does not like us to gather such details then you can go about doing suitable changes in the settings.
  • It is a must to say that we would not be providing any of your details to other people.
  • If the court asks us to produce the information then we will be in a position to do so.