Terms And Conditions

The usage liberty to our product is agreed only when the user of this domain agrees to goes along with our terms and conditions and one main criterion underlies only when they are 18 plus to use the website. Also, the usage of the product should be followed as per the guidelines. It should not be misused under any aspects. We may or may not alter and introduce changes to our terms which will not be informed in advance. Thus the terms should be noticed and followed at all instance.

The original intent of the domain

The information presented in this domain is for providing the basic knowledge to the users. The steps related to the usage of the product is presented in the form of information and is not provided in the encouragement of self-practice.

The customers using this product acknowledge that they were educated in knowing the complete usage guide and the safety measures associated with the product. Also, we deny selling products to individuals whom we consider illegible to use the product.

Risk of shipping which may occur occasionally

The user cannot claim any refund or reshipment for the damage of outer covering. There is also risk associated with the damage to the title of the pack. If the product is not exact to your requested product or if your placed order is missed while arriving you. Then your cart product will be sent again at free of cost.

Order termination

The order will be canceled by us if we consider the package has the high risk of being misused by the users. Also if the account is logged in from a virus affected or harmful software your access to our website will be terminated for security reasons.

Disclaimer of legal liability

Our website usage will be taken as you agree that the products are sold for a medical purpose also it is not approved for the sale of re stockists and re-sellers. The effects of using our products are not responsible for the use of us. Ordering from us strong insists you that our bond with them is strong and unbreakable.